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 Harriet McNeil White \ 6th Grader

Harriet McNeil White \ 6th Grader

The youngest of the three stepped into middle school today.

I could tell she was nervous. She couldn’t finish her surprise Krispy Kreme doughnut. And when we pulled up to the school, she noticed that no one was carrying a book bag, so she suddenly ejected her binder from the most perfect messenger bag you’ve ever seen and started to bolt. But I wouldn’t let her. Told her she’d feel more prepared, more confident with that bag slung across her shoulder. Besides…she’s gotta carry that faux-vintage, Tootsie Roll Pop metal lunchbox. Why load up your arms with gear when you can satchel it all instead?

She’s the only one who went through one elementary school—kindergarten through fifth grade—at the same place. A lovely old school house across the street from her home. Today, its all new…first time since she was really, really small that it’s all brand new.