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 Columbia SC USA Screening of  TAKEN IN .

Columbia SC USA Screening of TAKEN IN.

Surely there is no better experience than screening your film for friends (new and old) in someone's home. When I find a way to make my movies and make a living, I will be greedy only for this: dim living rooms, packed with no more than two dozen...sharing my work with them directly.

I'm convinced that Myrtle Beach, SC was a pretty swell place to be in the early 1960s. Not that it's bad today, but the pictures make it seem like a much less...prosaic place to vacation back then.



There was a moment on the beach when I realized I was watching my daughter Harriet (11) build her final non-ironic sandcastle.

Of late, I've become quite taken (again) with Walker Percy's 1961 novel, "The Moviegoer." If I'm ever asked to adapt a book for film, this will be it. There should be long scenes of silence...of Binx walking and driving and sitting with the audio of classic movies for sound design.

It occured to me, this past week at the beach with my family, that I'm not at all interested in making a living. I'd much rather concern myself with a life of making.